We are located in the Stavanger region,
the heartland of Norway’s oil industry.

Our region has a long industrial tradition, based on practical solutions for specific problems. Our core values include knowledge, honesty, fellowship, quality and a culture of cultivating winners. Aarbakke is built on this region’s industrial heritage, characterized by pride, hard work and innovation. The company’s roots go back to 1918, and since 1981 our focal point has been the oil and gas industry.

Our customers supply and install critical systems for the oil industry. Quality, delivery time, traceability and documentation are key success factors. In order to meet customer expectations in these areas, we have developed Monza:Engine, a complete production monitoring tool that controls every step of the production process.

We aim to be best at what we do, and believe in developing alongside our customers. This requires top quality machinery, control of all processes and a highly qualified workforce. But above all, it means that we take pride in every move we make.

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