What we do, and how we do it.

Gifts and social events

Quality, price and availability are the only decisive criteria for sales and procurement in Aarbakke. Moderate gifts, hospitality and socialization is regarded as an acceptable part of doing business. We always cover our own travel expenses going to business meetings and events.

Fair competition

Aarbakke welcomes open and fair competition in compliance with national and international competition rules.

Business practices  

Employees at Aarbakke are expected to be fair and respectful in all business relationships. We shall always strive to keep appointments and fulfill our obligations towards customers and suppliers.

Conflict of interest 

Employees must avoid situations where conflicts may arise between their own personal and/or financial interests and Aarbakke’s interests.


Aarbakke`s corporate culture is founded on honesty, respect for others and sound business practises.

Work ethic

Aarbakke employees are expected to have high work ethics. No personal activities should take place during working hours.


Employees are expected to treat Aarbakke’s property and equipment with care. Colleagues, employers, clients or business associates are not do be discussed in a negative manner in social media.


Aarbakke is a drug-free workplace. Being affected by drugs or illegal substances while employed by Aarbakke is unacceptable.

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