HSE and Quality Policy

A secure and safe working environment
The main objective of Aarbakke AS is to maintain a safe, secure and good working environment, with the associated commitment to reduce risk and eliminate hazards.

All work must be planned, organized and performed for the safety of people and the external environment. Aarbakke AS has a target of 0 injuries.
All employees must be committed to protecting the environment, including preventing pollution, complying with compliance obligations and continuously improving environmental performance.

With good business ethics and HSE at the top of the agenda, Aarbakke AS must deliver products of the right quality in accordance with the law, the customer’s and their own quality requirements.

Continuous improvement is ensured by all employees actively using the company’s documented processes.

All employees are involved in the efforts to continuously improve the company’s processes through proactive attitudes, HSE work and deviation management.

All employees are obliged to comply with internally determined requirements beyond what is required by law.

Process orientation, professional competence and continuous improvement will be part of the work of Aarbakke AS and emphasized in our work methodology internally, above suppliers and customers.
December 14th. 2023
Håkon Oma
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