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At Aarbakke we are continuing our commitment to young workers with 16 new apprentices starting out on their journey towards a certificate of completed vocational training this year.

The apprentices are well aware that the “eye of the needle” they have passed through is extremely narrow. Not everyone who applied has been lucky enough to land a place at the table for their first official day of work at the Jæren-based industrial company.

Every year, Aarbakke receives around 150 applications from hopeful young people seeking an apprenticeship. They already have two years of higher education on their CVs, and are now looking to apply all that theory in practice.

“We’ve become skilled at picking the right candidates. It’s not necessarily the ones with the best grades that get the contract – we also look at qualities such as punctuality and work ethics. We want motivated people who are keen to work hard, and school grades aren’t always the best indicator of this,” explains Inge Brigt Aarbakke, while Ingbjørn Apeland, training manager, nods in agreement.

Inge and Ingbjørn have spent the morning preparing the fresh intake of apprentices for what they can expect in the immediate future. Ingrid Hove (19) and Henrik Due (17) are both from the Municipality of Klepp, and both dream of becoming CNC operators.

“I’m absolutely thrilled, and I’m ready to do what it takes to get the job done,” says Ingrid, who is the only girl in the new group of apprentices. Henrik has already completed a short internship at the company, and this proved to be his admission pass to the apprenticeship course.

Based on number of employees, Aarbakke takes on a higher percentage of apprentices than any other company in the county. Of the workforce of 250 people, 27 are apprentices – 11 of whom are on the second and last year of their courses. In total, almost 200 apprentices have completed their professional training at one of the biggest single-machine companies in Europe.

“There’s an understanding among our ‘old hands’ that we prioritise taking on apprentices. After a year or so with us, they join the three-shift work schedule, which also includes night shifts,” says Inge Brigt Aarbakke.

Of all the apprentices the company has taken on, none has dropped out –  and fully 90 per cent achieved the rating “Very good”. All the CNC apprentices who took the vocational training test were subsequently offered full-time employment.

From Jærbladet, 9 August 2017


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